Future solar power

In the future, more and more technologies are available which are compatible with solar power systems such as Electric cars, etc. that can be charged directly from your solar power system. The necessary energy the sun delivers, day after day, can put more energy than we consume ... and completely free.

Remuneration under the EEG *
to roof plant size
* (Eneuerbare Energy Act as of 01/01/2011)

1- 30 kWp = 28,74 Cent
30-100 kWp = 27,33 Cent
Open space facilities 21,11 Cent

The paid power purchase their PV system by your local utility is mandated by law and is a term of 20 years (from the year of commissioning)
with the respective stipulated amount per kilowatt solar electricity fed guaranteed.


Private Commercial and personal use
The self-use of self-generated solar energy is especially important if there where a lot of energy is consumed, such as in the mast and Industrie.Aber also for the private sector, this is always higher by rising electricity prices, more and more interesting.

....... who do not like to reduce their energy costs and still earn a bit on top ......

Financing of solar installations
Solar power systems are usually fully financed easily by banks.
Because your PV system through the guaranteed Enspeisevergütung self-sustainable,
or the monthly rates will be repaid by the proceeds of the facility.

After an average of about 10 Amortiesationszeit - 12 years will include a solar power system and deliver benefits for the remainder of the period to 100%.