Complete assembly

We offer to you the complete assembly of their test specification plant at the fix price, i.e. for no further (or hid) subsequent cost develop.

A complete assembly:

1. Installation of the complete roof and or/ Aufstaenderungsconstruction (roofhook, rails etc...)

2. Installation of the solar modules, including the complete stringer interconnection
    (solar cable)

3. Cabel runs (Wall break-throughs of throughings , etc...) from the modules to the inverters

4. Installation of the inverters and switchboxes

Further we offer against surcharge an anual maintenance service, as well as the cleaning of the solar modules to our customers.

Begun with the complete installation of the roof structure up to the installation of the inverters, we are your uncomplicated and competent partner.

Connection up and you can free offer
Taking you over the form for contact to us free of charge be provided a complete offer cut to your test specification plant.